September 15, 2023

Recruitment: A Personalised Approach

Recruitment is a crucial process for any organisation, as finding the right person for the right role can significantly impact job satisfaction and success – for individuals and for the wider company.

From my experience in previous companies, there has been a common pattern in the recruitment process: advertising the role, reviewing résumés , conducting interviews, and ultimately selecting the ideal candidate. That is, until now …. My time at DRG Interior and Building Solutions has exposed me to a new perspective on recruitment, one that focuses on a deeper understanding of candidates and team dynamics – which is a huge part of what makes it such a great place to work.

While some of the initial steps of recruitment are similar to other companies, DRG takes it up a level to understand more about individuals and their behaviours - not just their experience.  After initial screening, we invite shortlisted candidates to complete a McQuaig Word Survey - a psychometric assessment that delves into personality traits and behavioural patterns. This unique approach allows DRG to gain valuable insights into an individual’s character and behaviours, enabling them to make informed decisions about job fit and team compatibility. It's not just about finding the right person for the job; it's about finding someone who will thrive within the organisation and enjoy their time at DRG.

DRG Interior and Building Solutions recognises the significance of getting to know the person behind the résumé. While job-related questions still play a crucial role, the interview stage at DRG is an opportunity to explore further. By incorporating questions that align with the company's core values, DRG ensures that successful candidates are not only competent but also resonate with the company’s culture. This approach fosters a stronger sense of belonging and promotes a harmonious work environment.

DRG understands the importance of efficiency and providing employees with convenient access to essential information. To simplify the onboarding and HR management experience, DRG has implemented an online HR portal. This centralised platform houses employment contracts, policies, and new hire documentation. Employees can access the company directory, request time off, submit expenses, and view all their HR documents through the portal's web or app interface. By adopting this streamlined approach, DRG ensures that their employees can focus on what truly matters: having the time and space to enjoy and succeed in their role.  

As technology continues to advance, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment is becoming increasingly prominent. DRG is always looking to embrace innovative methods and recognises that AI may have a part to play in the recruitment process. As AI evolves, it has the potential to automate and enhance various aspects of recruitment, including resume screening, candidate evaluation, and even initial interviews. While AI offers exciting possibilities for efficiency and accuracy, it is crucial to strike a balance between automation and maintaining the personalised human touch that makes DRG's approach unique.

DRG's approach to recruitment goes beyond the traditional steps, offering a personalised and tailored process to find the right talent. By incorporating psychometric assessments, highlighting the importance of a healthy and nurturing company culture, and streamlining HR processes -  DRG ensures a comprehensive evaluation of candidates and a complete onboarding experience for new hires. While embracing the possibilities of AI in recruitment, DRG continues to recognise the value of the human touch in finding the perfect fit. In an ever-evolving landscape, DRG stands at the forefront of innovative recruitment practices, striving to build high-performing teams who embody the organisation's core values.

- Katie Field, Executive Assistant